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Back from the Oral Surgeon

B had a quick procedure this morning, even though it got off to a rough start.

First they didn't have his x-rays and wanted to take new ones.  We said no.  We just paid for complete series in August.  So they finally worked out an email swap, and came up with usable printouts.

Then the Dr was worried about how much of B's radiation had been directed above the neck, so there was another hold to call the Oncology folks.  We got a green light there.

Finally, they were getting started, but the Dr, poked B's good arm 4 times trying to set the IV, gave up and switched to the "bad" arm, which he got in one try.  Weird.

They'd told me "about an hour" when they shooed me out to the waiting room, so I ran to my office to pick up some stuff.  Left at 0939, returned at 1015 to be told "he's done!"  ::double take::  I paid, and then was escorted back to recovery where we received instructions from the assistant and a hearty goodbye from the Dr.  Apparently, "done" is a relative turn, because it was 1045 when we left.

B says he wasn't even aware they'd begun extracting until they were suddenly fitting the new upper denture, and confirming the hard part was over.

A quick stop to pick up more chicken noodle and ice cream (lactose free) and now we're home waiting for the bleeding to stop enough for B to eat.  I know the teeth are in there, but I haven't seen enough of them yet to make a report on how they look.  They're kind of obscured by the gauze. 

So he's back on the soup and jello diet for a couple of days, and softer foods until Monday or Tuesday we think.  After that, he'll be smiling wide :D


When I had a tooth out it bled for about three days. But then, I had to go up north to deal with a Dad crisis the next day. Maybe It would have gone better if I had rested.
Did B have new teeth put in? Implants? A plate? Crowns?
he got an upper plate. After this heals, we'll work on the plan for the lower teeth. Whatever that ends up being, it won't get started until Jan or Feb.