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barley52 in pint_of_cheer

A bit of review

It has been quite awhile since I have added anything here so I thought a review would be a good thing. The here and now news is that all things are improving again and I am able to do quite a bit more now without paying that high price days afterward. My energy levels are up and endurance is increasing as well. I am looking forward to an upcoming canoeing/camping trip with my DWfullygoldy , and BFF bzdchris , and busman1994 . Getting the boat back on the water will be very therapeutic for me.

The getting here from back there (looking over shoulder) has been exhaustive to the point of not knowing where the next minute of life would come from. Physically my body went through another year of side effects of medication combined with a series of issues not related to  BMT but unfortunatly not diagnosed for extended periods. Included in these are a kidney stone OUCH and becoming lactose intollerant what no more cheese AGGGHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

I have to give a lot of credit to my medical team for being tenacious in there approach as well as including and accepting my own opinion of things. I believe that recovery is enhanced by being and feeling a part of what it takes to get better. Much credit also goes to my mental health team. I began working with a therapist almost two years ago. I knew from experience that I was going to be quickly overwhelmed by all that MDS and a bone marrow transplant would require. I had no idea how I would be able to handle everyday life issues with so much on the table. After working with someone for almost 8 months counter-transferece issues caused a situtation where I had to find a new therapist. This is not easy work when already overtaxed and exhausted. Fortunatly I was connected with someone who not only was able to keep up with me but was also able to challenge my mind to begin making necessary changes. A mens Cancer Group was formed and this was one of the best theraputic interventions I have ever experienced. Currently a break from therapy is in order so that I may now begin to actually put these changes into my life as it is now. I feel very confident that the work that I have done will be as beneficial as the physical healing that my body has accomplished.
I went into this 3 years ago with the attitude and confidence of someone who considered himSelf strong, tenacious and experienced in long term recovery issues. Well I here and now admit that the "BIG C" kicked my ass HARD through hell and half of Georgia !  Give me that Genie Lamp and let me make a wish. I wish that no other person should  ever again have to suffer in the manner in which those who face Cancer every day of there lives do. Strength to my good friend oakwind  and rest in peace my frined wayfinder .


So glad you are feeling better, and that the kidney stone and the lactose intolerance have been identified. I've been through both of those (small stone, passed it after only a few hours, thank goodness!) and I empathize with you on both counts.

Have you tried Lactaid for the lactose intolerance? I find that it helps with cheese. The chewables seem to work best. I've gotten really good at reading labels - it's amazing how many foods include dry milk or lactose.

As for chocolate - Dove dark has no dairy in it!

I'll join hands with you and add my energy to your wish - I wish that no person ever again has to suffer as you and Oakwind and Wayfinder and my father and so many others who face Cancer have suffered and struggled and fought each day.

It's good to know that things are going better for you. I wish continued healing. Hugs and Tears
Nice. I'm glad you're in this place. Also glad you used your spell-check. :-) Rock on, Dude!