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Bette Davis

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BMT +731 days

Or, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, barley52 !

We've had a lot of up and downs over the past 2 years, and last year at this time, he seemed a lot healthier, happier and stronger. 

Since then we've had treatment for 2 GI infections, discontinued the steroids (but not before they completely trashed his body), discontinued a couple of support meds, suffers from major edema and dry, sensitive eyes, had an accident requiring 4 stitches, and he's now suffering from a kidney stone.  He's been on various specialized diets, and is currently avoiding sodium and dairy/lactose.

But.  Once the stone is passed, things *should* improve dramatically.

All of his blood counts and liver/kidney function are in the healthy and normal range, so once he's not acutely sick any longer, B should be able to begin PT to get his strength back, and go back to doing the normal, every day stuff he enjoys - driving, cooking, gardening, or as we like to call it, "life."

Also, and I wish I had a picture to share for this, the girl has new ink.  On the inside of her right wrist, is 24 pt black script, it says "Bravery" and below that in tiny script, it says 10-06-06 with a tiny red heart at the end.  She came home with it last week, to commemmorate B's journey.  I kind of want one too.


Happy Rebirthday, Barney! I know that this new year will be fantastic. I just *feel* it.

Rebirthdays are awesome.
Happy 2nd Birthday barley52 may the next year see you happier and healthier.

I had no idea that there were edema and lymphedema specialists, clinics, and specific massage therapy for the severe type. I am afraid that we got the referral to the lymphedema clinic here too late for wayfinder38 to have much benefit. I recommend finding out if there is anyone who can do the treatment in your area. The Doctor told me that diuretics do not help lymphedema that the massage of the lympth system is about the only thing.
Happy Rebirthday! And how sweet of the girl! That brought tears to my eyes:)
YAY! for B and YAY! for The Girl. And YAY! for you, for helping, guiding and loving them both.