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Catching Up

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted...
Well, B came home earlier than expected, on May 6.  So early that I went back to work after getting him settled in the house. :)

The best theory is that he had a small intestinal blockage in his small intestine.  Too small to see on the CT unless they were really looking for it, but enough to cause a major backup eventually.  And once the blockade was well under way, the introduction of NOLA soil into the system via fresh strawberries probably caused the infection.  The antibiotics were clearing the infection, and the colonoscopy prep cleared the rest of the blockage, so that when they finally performed the colonoscopy on Monday afternoon, there was nothing important to see.  The biopsy confirmed no internal graft vs. host issues too, and that is a major blessing, since treatment would have required a couple of weeks in the hospital.

In the meantime, all the dehydrating activity relieved the lymphedema dramatically, although he's already gaining some of that fluid back.  He also had his eyes checked again, and the meds adjusted there, and thinks he's finally getting some improvement.  Although, he was getting another of those headaches again when I was leaving this morning.  He's off Prednisone completely now (yay) but he's taking a tiny (2 mg) dose of another steroid that he tolerates much better.  They're adjusting his pain and anxiety meds too - less narcotics, but actually better results, which is a relief in more ways than one.

He was careful about the reintroduction of food into his system, and as a result was able to enjoy dinner with the Bastards on Sat, and a full-on Sunday dinner event southern-style, with fresh fried chicken and vidalia onion rings, green beans, mashed potatoes and a lovely lemon tart for dessert.  The fried chicken was courtesy of bzdchrisand busman1994, since B was craving it the entire time he was in the hospital.  It was a fun way to spend Mother's Day.  We all ate way too much.

During the past few days, B has been able to be a lot more mobile than he'd been in many months, taking walks in the neighborhood and roaming around town.  He mowed the whole yard over a few days!  The trip around the square for Farmers Market didn't wear him out, and it seemed to go at our normal meandering pace, without having to stop for rest.  It was very encouraging.

We also learned during the hospital visit that the treatment team had been much more worried about graft vs. host issues than we knew about.  His mismatch makes it impossible to predict how the GVH will express, and tends to result in difficult to treat cases.  But the team is extremely impressed still with his excellent recovery, and were more surprised by the lack of follow-up hospitalizations than they were by this latest trip (only the third one in 18 mos!)

Long story short - it's all good.


Excellent news!
Woo hoo! So much good news there. :) I'm very glad to hear it!