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Huh? sick again?

 HI gang, here I am again in a very samll hospital room flirting with all my favorit nurses. so here is what we know so far ......................................

Yup, lots of NOTHING. More testing is on schedule but it cannot be done until Monday so I am here until at least Monday unless things clear up on there own. There is still a large suspecion that much of this is the result of GvH but nothing definate so far. Monday I shall be scoped, not sure if it will be upper or lower, I was afraid to ask. Toady ,at least there is no pain so far and that in and of itself is a WIN. My biggest regret is that I will be missing my lovely daughters Senior Prom tonight. she , however has promised to come up here and show off her lovely self before she goes. I do love that girl, pics to follow.

Ok thats about it from here, please write and let me know whats going on in your world and thanks to all of you who have sent there prayers ,blessings and energies my way, rest ashured they have been returned two fold.



Love you

Good morning! I'm glad you got some sleep and some time without pain.
I FINALLY got some invitations printed and mailed for this picnic. Stayed up late Thursday to do it so slept late today, now I have to clean the mess I made on the dumb project. I'm not entirely pleased with the way they came out, but I feel like I got the main things I wanted, and a complete return for the time and energy. It was a balance between getting more persnickety trying to be artistic and make them perfect, and recognizing that they're disposable invitations, not the main event. Perfectionism should be directed towards the actual event. Wish I'd started planning this about two weeks sooner - or that I'd ever done it before.

I accidentally hit on the painter guy at work. I was wearing a cutie dress that day & he was working in a hall I kept having to pass through. There were some comments made about getting in each other's way, spilling paint, etc., then he poited out that the paint and my dress were close in color. I said, that's the second time in a month I've been told I match the decor around here - think it's time to get some color in this wardrobe -he said, orange plaid. A little later he came looking for my cube, gave me his card, and said it's the woman that makes the dress. I said, and I wish I'd have known this was what I was going to say, arent you sweet, I look just as good in paint.

well its taken fifteen minutes to type this nonsense, so I'm posting it now

Re: Love you

cool sounds like you had quite the flirty day, those are always fun. Thanks for your support here it always , always makes a difference.
Thinking of you :) We never had the all prom thing with our home-schooled boys. What a treat for you that she wants to share this with you!

Its a gray day and with the rain yesterday we probably won't make it out in the garden. Most likely the soil is too wet now for tilling. Sigh... Its more a day to take it easy and rest. So get all the rest you can for surely the weather will improve soon both in the world and in your health.

Right now we are listening to MP3s. We have such a wide mix of stuff from Pagan music to oldies to stuff I have no idea where we got it. At the moment we are listening to Dear John by the Styx.

I can always feel your thoughts on me. We are in fact kindred sprits now. I always think of you when I am struggling and wonder if you get the support that you need as well. This is when I make sure to send what I can in energy your way. May you be peaceful and free of pain and worry my dear dear friend.
fierce hugs


Of course, I wish the same for you :) How is your hospital stay going? I hope they are figuring out what is wrong and dealing with it so you can go home, heal, and recover.

Was last night prom night? How did she look? Beautiful, I imagine:) especially to the proud daddy.
Of course, I wish the same for you :) How is your hospital stay going? I hope they are figuring out what is wrong and dealing with it so you can go home, heal, and recover.

Was last night prom night? How did she look? Beautiful, I imagine:) especially to the proud daddy.
there was just a parade! the cop did the boo-weep thing, so I went to the window, and he announced they's be starting in four minutes so everyone line up! Which is one of those little things that make me glad I live here. So there were about a dozen American Legion guys in blue ponchos to start, they had an American flag, an American Legion flag, and a MIA-POW flag. Then there was a cute little teenagish girl in tight bell bottoms with a cardboard sign I couldn't read. It's COLD out there! And windy. Then there was like the town advertisement brigade. Not floats, quite. More like a tailgate party with logos. A couple in spangled sombreros in the back of a truck with purple lei garlanding. Three women in a small red convertible and two umbrellas: one small black in the rear, one large blue stripes in the front. A pontoon on a truck. A local realtor set up an open house sign pointing to a sold sign, on the roof of a station wagon.
Fucking adorable, the whole thing, but I'll live and die my whole life without knowing what the perky carrot's sign said. sigh.
You live in the most cool places. I want parades outside of my house ! Looking forward to seeing you very soon and catching up on all that is about us.Thanks for being here, I need you and all my friends here
Today I spent 30$ at the neighborhood rummage sale festival. Probably all crap, but I got a HUGE stainless bowl, some old wooden spoons in good condition, a kick ass wire whisk very sturdy, two cups with saucers blue on the inside and yellow on the outside, vibrant purple gauzy curtains, 7 yards of cool fabric tht is black untill you pull it then it has neon colors in the creases, more fabric for a corset and O got a bunch of toys with dead batteries. We only hit 1/2 of the sales before I ran out of money. :)
I am running for office. Probably school board but am concidering state house.
Looking forward to seeing you at the end of May. Hope you are feeling better ;)
Hope I am feeling better too. Had a cough since the middle of feb. I hear now the CDC missed the flu by a mile. That may be what I have.
Still working on getting chickens. Nik is dragging his feet with the landlord. Turns out he wants to have "a plan" before we really hit him up for an answer. I want to get some ordered already before the summer is too far along.
Hi Liz, I wanted to send you a personal note to thank you for your support and kind notes to keep me company. I am finding this time to be very hard for me simply because I am running out of energy to fight this. It is all becoming so overwhelming so having a friend like you that will overlook my weakness and show me parts of your life that I can comtemplate on and imagine is such a distraction from what I have to deal with. It is comforting and relaxing so again I thank you. I will not be attending the con in May, just not my thing I guess, but I do hope we can find some time together for dinner or coffee or just a walk through a park holding hands and catching up.
You are a dear person and I treasure your presence in my life.
with love
edit..ok e mail not working here so everyone geta to read this too :-)

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It's a date. {blush}
Hey, Barney - if you have to be in the hospital, you picked a good weekend for it - cold and rainy. We almost had frost here last night! I was at the local garden center yesterday afternoon, and the staff was going nuts trying to get all the tropicals indoors as the temps dropped into the 40s. Drizzly rain on and off all day, after heavy rain on Friday. Everything is very green right now, and very soggy.

I have to mow my lawn today, if the ground firms up enough by late afternoon. We're supposed to have sunny weather in the 60s. Unfortunately it's too wet to dig - and I have lots of transplanting to do!

I've been waging chemical warfare in the new garden (where we removed lawn and trees last year, and when they rototilled, they chopped up all the bits of weed and grass roots left behind, and of course they are all sprouting now!) Using Round-up on the dandelions and quack grass, and pulling any weeds that are too close to the perennials and shrubs to safely spray.

Everyone here is good, for grumpy old folks - Larry is still having adventures with dentures, and Robin is still working in the bakery. I'm probably changing jobs in the next few weeks - same place, new position - and that will be as much adventure as I want these days.

I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way for a surcease of pain, an actual treatable diagnosis, and a full recovery. Hang in there, man!