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Goldy Rose

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B got a full night's sleep on Thursday, thanks to the judicious application of morphine and lorazepam.  He also was receiving some steroids and antibiotics.

Friday, he was feeling at least rested, and slightly better in that he was hungry.  He still has pain in his eye and his lymph system.  He was visited by an opthamologist to get a second opinion on whether or not the Restasis he started 2 weeks ago is the right thing for his eye.  That guy merely seemed reluctant to contradict anything the initial Dr had said.  He did mention that the drops would take a month to start having an effect.  Isn't it interesting that drug companies can make these designer drugs?  They all seem designed to mostly part you from your money while you wait for them to take effect.  He also had a CT scan.  It was ordered in the morning.  I arrived at his room during lunch hour.  They came to take him to the scan at 7:50 pm.

By 4:00 pm, B was so hungry, even the IV contrast for the CT scan sounded appetizing.  Of course, it was not.  But it was the first thing he'd consumed since Monday that didn't boomerang.  They finally let him try some real food after the scan.  He pronounced the chicken noodle soup (noodles!), wheat crackers and jello to be heavenly.  He didn't eat much of the applesauce, but I think that was because he was full.

We watched "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" in the afternoon.  It was sad.  It was hard to watch the hero be so frustrated his whole life.  He wanted to help his people so much, but the times and the systems were not conducive to actually helping.  All the white man cared about was getting the land.  And look at what we did with that land (the Dakotas) - practically nothing!  All that area is still practically empty, and yet we nearly annihilated multiple cultures to take posession of it.  SAD.

We tried to watch another installment of Weeds, but in my enthusiasm, I somehow got Season 2 Disc 2 ahead of Disc 1.  So "Wounded Knee" is on the way back, and Disc 1 has been promoted to the top of the queue.  We'll be mainlining Season 2 shortly.  Weeds is witty, smart, shocking and has some pretty pretty people in it.  I wonder if the creator would cite Alan Sorkin as an influence?

So, we're pretty sure they'll send B home on Sunday.  Unless he spontaneously heals today.  This morning, I've got to get groceries/do laundry, and this afternoon the girls will be in prom frenzy.